Upcoming Rainbow Roadtrip

In July 2017 Mykey will be travelling to the USA to replicate 15 iconic American food’s and landmarks including Disney Land Characters, Hot dog hairstyles, Doughnuts, and Ketchup bottles! He will be travelling around the USA to various salons and places to create the hairstyles and continue to fundraise for the Make A Wish Foundation. The confirmed 15 landmarks are yet to be announced Stay tuned Mykey is a registered volunteer for Make A Wish and 50% of the funds raised in America will go to Make A Wish America and 50% will go to Make A Wish Australia, so wishes will be granted worldwide from the donations generated by Mykey’s hair creations for the Rainbow Roadtrip We are on the lookout for willing volunteers around New York to have their hair bleached and dyed with MANIC PANIC hair colour to be sculpted into an iconic landmark or food.

For Applications for willing volunteers contact Mykey directly at :